Getting Fit

Ok! Here I go! This time I’m going to do it. I’m going to get back in shape. I’ve got about a year before I get married, two books on how brides can get fit (each six month plans), and the weather is finally getting warmer!

What I’ve already done…

  • Drinking less beer! 😉
  • Drinking more water, but still not as much as I should
  • My bike is in working condition and I’m averaging 1 2.5 mile bike ride a week (hey, it’s a start!)
  • Summer Volleyball is starting June 7th! And Spring Playoffs start May 23rd! Also, the polls are up at North Ave. Beach, so Sunday V-ball should be starting anytime now!
  • Trying to eat more Lean Cusines for lunch at work.
  • Drinking less yummy mochas 😦

With that, I’m going to try to drink 2.2L of water each day (My bladder is not going to know what hit it!), eat better at home (great now I have to do REAL grocery shopping), AND I need to actually use that gym membership I signed up for a year ago! Wish me luck;)


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