Training mini-update

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted a training update but I’ve not the energy in me to give you the full scoop so here’s a quick update…

The Soldier Field 10 mile race was flippin’ great! I made my goal of completing it in under 2 hours! I’ll give you full details soon.

Marathon training has been great so far, a few kinks in the legs but I’ll get those all worked out soon enough I’m sure. Which brings me to the reason I write tonight. My left shin must really not like me very much. In fact I’m pretty sure it would like to disown me right now. It doesn’t really hurt, I just know it’s not happy with me. During tonights supposed “Fun” Run Celeste and I are just past the halfway point in our 48 minute run and my left foot feels like it’s about 10 inches shorter than my right leg!

It’s the craziest feeling EVER. Stranger than that pins & needles feeling you get right before your foot regains consciousness from you sitting on it for too long. (tsk, tsk)

But based on an injury prevention clinic after one of our CES training runs I’m thinking that my left outside shin muscle is under developed and is causing my foot to ‘slap’ down on the ground with each step once my heel strikes. (my H.S.anatomy teacher would be cringing right now…sorry I don’t remember what that muscle is called!)

My best guess is that it’s too weak to slow down the momentum of my foot as it hits the ground so instead it’s like I’m landing flat foot-ed with my left leg. It’s a bizarre feeling for sure. Not painful but something that won’t just work itself out.

Sadly, I had to walk all the way back to the store. As if that isn’t ego-bruising enough all of the “real” runners who left before Celeste & I are at this point zooming past us on the way back from their 6+ mile runs. Ah well. At least I knew enough to stop before I made it worse. (Next Monday I’m kicking ass Celeste, I promise haha 😉

This was really a horrible run from the start though, I didn’t sleep much and couldn’t grab anything to eat prior to running. All I had was a Lean Cuisine at lunch, so I was starving by 6pm. I need to have a stash of Go Lean bars at work or in my car for just such occasions. Those are by far the yummiest protein bars I’ve had! The Snickers ones are just too much like candy in my book, so while scrumptious, they just can’t count.

Wow, so that was quite longer than I was anticipating! I’ll let you get back to what you were doing 😉 Take care!


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