My Mini-Interview about the 2007 Chicago Marathon

My 5 minutes of fame came a few months back when a couple friends of mine and I showed up for a Fleet Feet sponsored Fun Run just as we usually do Monday nights. To our surprise ABC’s John Garcia was there to speak with those of us who had run in the Chicago marathon and were forced to stop due to the extreme heat that day and the lack of adequate water/Gatoraide.

At the beginning of night the store director made the usual announcements about upcoming events and introduced John to the group. He posed the question, “How many of you finished the Chicago Marathon?” At which point my friend Al joked back, “Define Finish!” After a hearty laugh from the group the store director pointed towards where our close circle was standing and told Garcia, “There’s your audience!”

So then my “friends” decided to push me in front of the camera to get interviewed…thanks guys 😉

One of our marathon training Head Coaches from Chicago Endurance Sports, Brendan Cournane, was also interviewed for this piece…GO COACH!

Below is a link to the full story and a recording of the news story that actually aired!

Full Story


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