Presenting at Business to Buttons- Designing for Effect

Please allow me a little shameless promotion of my co-workers…

Presenting at The Business To Buttons Conference
Malmö University – June 12-13, 2008

Forming a Community Strategy
After seeing the kind of buzz that can be created among a customer base by community features and social networking, more companies than ever have been interested in incorporating similar features into their internet strategy. The development of a successful community site can aid in achieving business objectives by increasing brand recognition and loyalty, facilitating key processes such as sales and research, and providing a method for active generation of quality content.

But when does the cost of building an online community outweigh the potential benefits? Manifest Digital will explore the potential impact of introducing community features, including effects on a company’s brand and budget, as well as responsibilities the company has to its user base.

Manifest Digital will discuss the considerations that help define a company’s community strategy. In addition, we have created a model that allows for competitive analysis of community features, and a basis for moving from community strategy to feature definition. This includes a discussion of roles, types of interaction, and categories of features that serve as “activity motivators” to encourage the growth of a vibrant community aligned with business objectives.

Jim Jacoby
Founder & Strategic Director Manifest Digital, US

Carolyn Chandler
UX Architect Manifest Digital, US

Strategy Session 8:
June 13, 11.00 – 12.00


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