Spicing up the 404

Forget the 411 buddy, the 404 is where it’s at these days! While custom error pages are nothing new, over the past months I’ve noticed a growing trend of fun and quirky 404 Page not Found designs that I think more companies should consider doing. Let’s face it, broken links happen but it’s best to present your visitors with a more pleasant experience rather than a jarring ERROR!!!!!???? Below are a few examples I’ve come across recently:

IAC Advertising
In this instance I was simply trying to follow an Evite invitation link from my email. While Evite was down for some reason AIC Advertising “invites” me to check out some of their other websites while I wait for traffic to die down. Hmm, not a bad idea. If your servers are down for one site instead of losing your audience all together why not try to navigate them to another site that you at least own?


A personal touch…

My all time favorite!!!
While not a functioning 404 page it’s still pretty fun to watch.


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