Oh…the things you find whilst photo searching!

As a Visual Designer I have to do my fair share of photo searching. I have to say that some of the things one comes across on on stock photography sites such as Veer, GettyImages, iStockphoto, and the like are quite surprising and often hilarious. From time-to-time I’ll post these odd-balls and throw out a suggested caption or two. What kind of caption would you write for these photos? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Search criteria:”growth”


  1. Larry had suspected that he had used too much Miracle Grow.
  2. 9 out of 10 employees prefer a grass-free work environment
  3. Grass on desktops makes for difficult mousing and itchy elbows
  4. Taking personal growth to a whole level

Search criteria: can’t remember but think it was ‘full-length, person’

I’m not sure i even want to tackle this one. I would very much however like to find out what the original thought/direction on this was. Wow! It’s almost too good for a caption.

As I find more I’ll post them!
Happy photo searching!


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