Look at how far we’ve gone!

Back in April myself and 11 other people ran in the 199 mile relay race in the San Fransico area. It was a great race to say the least. It was actually the funnest weekend I think I’ve had this whole year so far! (Exhausting but definitely a blast)

Little did I know but some of my co-runners were keeping track of our coordinates and captured them on Google Maps as we went. You can tell by the link below that we started getting tired and forgot to track a few of the stops. But that’s to be expected when running for 3 days right?!

I still can’t believe how far we collectively ran! (Special thanks to Travis for plugging all of these into Google for us) Google Maps Coordinates

We even made it into one of Avanade’s company newsletters (article posted below)

What Has 36 Legs, 24 Feet and Runs All Night?
By Courteney Malon / Brand Manager

We do!
During the weekend of April 18, 10 Avanade employees participated in the San Francisco Relay. “The Relay” is a 199-mile, 12-member team run from Calistoga in Napa Valley, across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight, to the beach in Santa Cruz, promoting donation through Organs ‘R’ Us. Twelve-member teams (we only had 11) run 36 legs (3 legs per runner, 3-8.9 miles each). This year the Avanade team came in 20th place out of more than 200 teams in donation fundraising.

Members of the team “ran” the full spectrum from SDs, SEs, PMs and Core Services and represented the Americas, GMD, Central Region and ATS, as well as 1 member from Manifest Digital. Team members were: Andy Bohn, Adam Wengert, Melanie Prieto-Warren, Nellie Karlberg, Patrick Mahon, Travis Pettijohn, Joel Danowitz, Aaron Spruit, Jan Wasiek, Courteney Malon and Christine Mortensen.


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