People will soon tire of building new friend networks online. When you ask? My guess…within 6 months.

There are so many different social network sites out there now that I’m finding a new one just about every day. And I’m not even LOOKING!?

Just like OpenID there needs to be ONE place that I can store all of my “friends” so that I then have the ability to pick and choose from that list who I’d like to add to various social sites. This ability to pick in choose would come in handy because there are so many topical sites it may not be appropriate to import all of my LinkedIn contacts into say my Crochet Hat Makers network (kidding…while I may know how to crochet, I haven’t in years let alone joined a crochet networking site for hat makers :).

I’m sure someone out there is already working on this but I’ve yet to see it in action, let alone be usable, and monetized. (Carolyn has actually since informed me that MySpace is making some attempt at this after I started writing this post.)


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