NOTE TO SELF: Bookmarks

Start using an online bookmarking tool! I’m currently using the Firefox plug-in called Foxmarks and have been loving it for the past few years. Yesterday however, Photoshop took it upon itself to not only stop working but also gave me an error informing me that an error had been detected and that I’d need to reinstall the entire Creative Suite. Thanks Adobe.

At least the error was actually informative and told me how to resolve the problem (hmm…something to blog about at a later date…error messages).

Anyways, point being that now I’m on another computer at the office and really miss my book marks! I have accounts for Spurl! and but haven’t been consistent in their use. Hitting CMD+D (at work) or CTRL+D (at home) is just so much easier than mousing up to the button on the browser. I know I guess I’m a lazy mouser but keyboard shortcuts are so much faster than mousing around.


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