I did it. I clicked on a banner ad. Not only that, but it was something I actually signed up for! I know…I can’t believe it either!?

It was an ad for QDOS, which according to them, “measures your internet status and helps you manage your online profile. To calculate your internet status, QDOS measures your digital footprint – how active, popular and impactful you are online.”

So basically they let you know if you are a…
Eeeeek…better hope you’re not a ‘Net Nobody’…that one hurts.

What you do is select the various social sites you use such as Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. and paste your profile url. Somehow this site then magically calculates your digital footprint and gives you a ranking. It further breaks down this ranking by graphically letting you know how adept you are in the following areas: Popularity, Impact, Activity, and Individuality.

I think this is a great idea! It’s just that it’s a little anti-climactic after going through all of the trouble of gathering all of your various profile urls to only get a ranking such as mine posted below. As of this post I’m ranked #8,545 out of 62,218; not bad…I guess. I just feel like:

  1. That number is not really founded on much, or at least there’s not enough information explaining the data that’s driving that calculation.
  2. What is the quality of the other 62,000+ people’s digital footprint? It doesn’t do you any good to be at the top if the competition isn’t that great.
  3. I’d was expecting tips and suggestions on how to increase my ranking in the 4 main categories but couldn’t seem to find much.

Maybe this is all in the works? I hope it is as this is a great concept for a site. It just needs a little more meat behind it.



3 responses to “REVIEW: QDOS

  1. Six months later here’s an update on my stats…QDOS ranking: #8,077 out of 67,934. That’s a positive jump of 468 while QDOS gained 5,716 users. Not bad I suppose for a service I don’t believe very much in.

    I keep checking back on this site in the hopes they’ll add more depth. But alas, they have not. I’ll keep checking though 🙂

  2. Wow it’s been 6 months already. I checked mine again too. I’m #11,141 from 67,934 so I jumped a lot. But it would be nice to know how they figure things out.

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