Design Responsibly

Web 2.0 Styles Have Gone Mad
Seriously, what gives? I think the “QUAKR 2.0ats” is the only clever one; the rest are just style overlays from the most part or borrow from existing logos such as Flickr.

Enough with the ‘Web 2.0’ styling it’s played out already! I still respect a little reflection and shine here and there but to combine that with the bright colors, gradients, not to mention ‘bubbly’ fonts (see 3m, John Deere, Wal-mart, etc. logos above) it just too much not to mention sophomoric.

I understand that this particular graphic was pieced together from a Flickr post as a graphic design experiment and is not meant to be taken all that seriously but I can’t help but raise a red flag here signaling the abuse of this style.

The style has a place in the design world, but let’s all make sure that we’re judicious in it’s actual application.

Design responsibly.


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