Coming soon…

Soon (as in within the next few months) this blog as well as my other blog(s) will make the move to I can’t tell you how excited about this move i am! For the past 3 years I’ve tried to create my own website but to no avail, something always gets in the way. Such is life eh? Well I say NO MORE!

I’ve got up and just waiting for (mt)media temple to point the DNS servers correctly and at least I’ll have a coming soon page up! Woo-Hoo! Baby steps folks baby steps. i tell ya the last thing you want to do after being at a computer all day creating creative solutions for other peoples online problems one of the LAST things you want to do is solve your own by sitting in front of a computer for yet more hours.

This site as well as my others on Blogger will remain up indefinitely as there’s no real need to take them down any time soon. Now, onto a CMS solution perhaps, site architecture, and of course branding! I’ll keep ya posted on my progress. If in the meantime however, you have any advice you’d like to share please drop me a comment below. Thanks!


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