You know the saying about time flying?

I thought that only happens when you’re having fun? Now I can’t say that this year has not had it’s share of fun but it’s been a very difficult one for me as well. With my grandmother ill since March it’s been difficult to truly enjoy much without my thoughts wandering to her, or to my mother. Up to this point I’ve tried my best to live a seemingly normal life…still go out with friends, play volleyball when I can, work at odd and not so odd hours. I’ve even been able to travel quite a bit this year.

In 2 weeks in fact I’m going to Italy with 3 other great girl friends of mine that I met through our running group last year. I’m very excited to go seeing as I’ve yet to make it across the pond. But at the same time I don’t want to go anywhere at all. I want to be here for my grandma and especially for my mom. I’ll be gone for 10 days…10 days…

…I do plan on bringing my phone so that I can keep connected to friends and make posts to Twitter. That’s great and all, I mean I DO love keeping up with all of my online communities but this time I really just care about my OFFline community, my family. I think for many of us these days it’s easy to overlook the ones that matter most in our lives. If you’re like me they’re mostly the ones that aren’t “connected”. We’re too busy with work, or live too far, or have school, this or that (i.e., presidential elections, the economy taking a nose dive, etc.). There’s really no excuse though is there?

Take a day this week and disconnect. Just one day. No computer, no crackberry, PDA, iPhone, what-have -you. Go to your mom’s or grandmother’s, father’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, brother’s, sister’s house and just talk to them. Tell them how much you love them. We just never know how much time we really have.

Enough of that for now though…too much gravity. I usually like to blog, Tweet, etc. as a distraction from all of the above. It is apparently getting harder to keep that from leeching into my posts. Life this year has just become something of a blur. I can’t believe it’s already November?! Next month I’ll have to do another re-cap of the year just like I did here for 2007. So far no massive bee attacks to speak of. I may be in the clear!


2 responses to “You know the saying about time flying?

  1. Now you’ve jinxed yourself and a freak swarm of bees will appear in late December just to ruin your year. 😉 Just kidding!


  2. HA! Thanks Amy! Luckily they’re all either dead or hibernating (if bees hibernate that is). And no stings while in Italy so I think I’m in the clear 😉 lol

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