Much Ado About Manifest

Manifest Digital wins PhizzPop! Even though I was out of the country while the news broke, I’ve been keeping an eye out for posts surrounding this amazing event. Here is a sampling of what I’ve been able to collect thus far. If you come across any Manifest sightings please send them my way!

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Winner: Manifest Digital Special recognition goes to Brian Henkel, Kevin Panke, and Dan Thompson, Manifest Digitals design challenge team members. Congratulations on their excellent design collaboration and creative solution to Chicagos 2016 Olympic Bid Awareness challenge!”

Various Write-ups of the event
The official site

See the winning solution

Manifest Digital wins the Chicago PhizzPop Design Challenge. This is a collection of photos taken by members of Manifest Digital during the event – which were then displayed on the screen at the end of the presentation. Click here for more information on the challenge, the application, and the winners.

More photos!


One of the proud winners, Kevin Panke, writes about his own experience.

Our very own UX guru turned videographer extraordinaire, Jason Ulaszek, shares his unique viewpoint for the world to see (thanks for filming Jason!)


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