How to take iPhone screenshots

So THAT’s how you guys have been doing it this whole time? Ha! It’s so simple that I stumbled across how to do this completely by accident.

1. Wait until your phone rings.
2. Make sure you have a ton of stuff in your arms. (Extra points if it’s breakable)
3. Now try to answer your expensive toy, start to drop it, freak out on the inside, drop everything in your arms and button mash your (nearly button-less) phone as you save it from an untimely death.


Ok, so here’s how to really take a screenshot (capture, grab, etc.) on an iPhone:

1. Navigate to what you’d like to take a screenshot of.

2. Simultaneously hold down the home button and the lock (on/off) button at the top of the iPhone.

3. You’ll see a flash of white and hear the shutter sound just as if you were taking a picture.

4. Retrieve your shiny new screenshot from your camera roll photo set

5. Enjoy!

See…that really is easy! I realize that I’m obviously really late in making this discovery seeing that EVERY iPhone App has screenshot examples. I just never needed to take one. Glad I almost dropped my phone…well on second thought…

🙂 Cheers!


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