Rethinking Business Cards on Christmas Eve

So Here I am, on Christmas Eve working in the comfort of my parents wonderfully fragrant kitchen. The classic sounds of Christmas stream in from iTunes radio and up on my screen pops a Tweet from Biz Stone (@biz), co-founder of Twitter that says, “debating the usefulness of having business cards created for Twitter employees—maybe it’s too old fashioned?”

It got me thinking…what would be appropriate for them? In fact, what would be more appropriate for any of us in this iPhone, CrackBerry, techno-filled world? At Manifest we’ve asked ourselves this same question.

Would an electronic version be more handy? Perhaps an SMS version of the business card? Outlook allows you to send contact information to others in a handy little CSV file as an attachment. But you can’t actually see the information until you load it. What if there was a version that you could see right away that was like a traditional business card with all of it’s individuality and personality but still has all of the electronic contact info that you could load into your contacts? This is just the first possible solution that comes to mind.

There is something though about having that physical card pass from one hand to another over a lively conversation. It may be old fashioned but the physicality of holding the card in your had adds to the texture of making that new connection with someone.

So, in having considered both sides, “old-fashioned” and “new fangled” my vote has to lay in the old fashioned. I think it’d be great to explore something akin to a card via text or other technology but it should be in addition to the traditional business card. Technology fails, and sometimes more often than not gadgets are incompatible with each other.

There are always cocktail napkins though 😉

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!


2 responses to “Rethinking Business Cards on Christmas Eve

  1. Well would you look at that! No sooner do I write a post about ideas surrounding electronic business cards, do I stumble upon a web service that does exactly that! It’s called Dropcard and it looks like it’s a winner. Check it out!

  2. I like the idea of having both. If you are networking virtually it’s important to have an electronic version but for day to day in person interactions I like having a business card.

    A tangible card seems more likely to be see and used. Maybe I’m wrong but people seem to hold on to business cards forever.

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