Drawing Parallels Across Marketing Platforms

While putting together a social media (or engagement plan) for one of our clients I felt that parallels between traditional marketing and “social” marketing became abundantly clear. Curious to see what you guys think…

I’ll get more context around this soon but I’m pressed for time right now.

Offline Platforms                   Online Platforms
Tv                                             Video/streaming TV (Hulu)
Radio                                        Podcasts/streaming radio (Last.fm/Pandora)
Newspaper                               News Aggregator/RSS/Wikis (Google Reader/Digg)
Magazines                                Blogs
Direct Mail                               Email
Events                                      Webcasts
Print Ads                                  Banners (Traditional & Rich)
WOM                                       Microblogs/Social Networks  (LinkedIn/Facebook)
Guerilla Marketing                  Viral Marketing

Multimedia (Photos/Music/Video/Presentations)-Can be a part of any platform
Mobile (Widely becoming a whole separate platform)

A More graphical version


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