If you just HAVE to unsubscribe…

I love the Thrillist. I just never have time to read the daily emails and they end up clogging my inbox so this morning I finally decided to unsubscribe and was presented with this wonderful bit of wit that seriously made me think twice about clicking the “See ya” button.

In case you can’t read the text here’s what it says…
If you’re the kind of dangerous lunatic that wants to stop receiving Thrillist, just select the edition(s) below you’d wish to unsubscribe from, click “SEE YA”, and pray that your preferred deity offers mercy upon your soul.

Another great case where a little bit of humor and wit in the right places can help your brand image. I still unsubscribed but now I love this site even more…I’ll be back.

Here’s a couple of related posts on HTML emails:
HTML Email: What NOT to do

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