Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

It’s finally happened! Long overdue, I know, but I finally got live! With this, I’ll likely no longer update this Blogger site especially since I was able to easily port everything over to WordPress.

All I need to do is find the right template, make my tweaks, get some link re-directs going, maybe add in a portfolio section if I ever find the time, and I should be good to go!

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this going…not like it was all that difficult! I would like at some point to have a true site, not just a blog but that I know will stay a dream for some time.

ok, so with that…I’m off, back to work! There’s lots and lots to do! Can’t wait to tell you more about everything (well almost everything 😉 I have going on!

For now enjoy this video that helps to elude to the origins of Mort!Mort!


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