I want my NOW

I was a Sprint customer forEVER until I caved and bought an iPhone early last fall and had to switch to AT&T (sigh…that’s another hassle-filled post altogether). I felt like I was the only completely satisfied customer they had…hardly a dropped call, customer service was alway great, wait times were a little long– but I’ll take the good with the bad.


Sprint's "This is Now" campaign microsite

Sprint's "This is Now" campaign microsite

Not only is it pulling at least seemingly live data from multiple sources across the globe but watch closely and you’ll see that some of the individual widgets interact with each other.

Apparently, this is at least the second iteration of the site as it was originally launched in late ’08 by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners according to Creativity.

“Goodby has launched a new site for Sprint that shows off the tools and capabilities of the mobile brand’s Now Network broadband cards.

The site’s busy interface offers a horde of real-time information you can access with the cards including live news feeds, current world population, environmental factoids, countdowns and even flight stats.”

Well now the site is being leveraged to push the new Palm Pre instead of broadband cards.

Look closely in the middle above the Twitter bird and you can even play a quick mini game of Pong. The site also features an interactive screen saver as well as a widget you can post to your facebook profile (…get ’em while they’re hot?).

I also have to mention (and yes, this is where the other shoe drops) that even though the site is cool and clever, one single great campaign is not going to have a lasting effect. It takes multiple wins like this coupled with a great customer service and met expectations. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I was a happy Sprint customer but I know that I was one of few. A lasting positive brand image has to come from within first otherwise your marketing efforts, no matter what the channel, become empty promises.

See the live version for yourself. A warning to guys with laptops…if you ever want to have children…be warned that this’ll make your fans kick into full gear.

Enjoy! And let me know what YOU think of the Now Network site.


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