‘There is a utopian dream that the coming of the net will bring positive social changes. I have my doubts about that. It is going to bring great social changes, but they won’t all be positive. At the same time, if I have a positive feeling about what’s happening with digital technology and the revolution that it brings, it is because netification, computerization, and digitalization all increase choices. That is about all that technology gives, but that is a very large thing. For example, a person born now who is interested in the arts can paint, sculpt, make films and make music in many different spheres. Two centuries ago, there were fewer choices. Each time the media reinvent themselves, they expand the number of choices without excluding any of the previous ones. On this simple level, the net and the literary space — the thinking space that it created — will allow a whole new space for the arts. It is also a space that will allow new kinds of political and social structures, and it will allow them as a net gain.’ Kevin Kelly [1990’s]

— John Brockman (ed.), Digerati. Orion (London 1997)

I find it amazing that something said nearly 20 years ago still rings true.


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