Review: A Look at Twitter Clients

Hey gang! So this post has been in the works for quite some time and have been trying to finish it up. But with new Twitter clients created everyday it’s impossible to keep track & review of all of them so I’m going to make this a series and post what I have so far. I’d love to hear what you think of these and the clients you use too.

One of if not the first app i installed on my iPhone, it was love at first sight.  Brought to us by the good folks at Iconfactory. I sadly don’t use this any longer but definately recommend it for those just starting to Tweet. I also really miss the ‘chirp’ you hear on startup…it made me smile every time!

Includes much more functionality of Twitters website than Twitterific but I have to be honest that I miss the charm of Twitterific. From it’s chirp on load each time new Tweets appear in your timeline to it’s clean and simple design. For me while Twittelator has more bang I’m a sucker for the brand personality Twiterific has to offer.

Self-stated as not a traditional Twitter client, Twittervision allows users to see Tweets post to a world map as they come in!

Desktop Twitter client built as an Adobe Air application. The thing I love about this most is it’s ability to handle multiple accounts. I also like it’s small screen footprint as well.



By far the most powerful Twitter client I’ve come across. You can have multiple columns of content streaming in at one time all focused on different subject matter. For example, as you can see below I’ve got the following columns set up:

  • All friends– so that I can see everyone that I follow
  • Replies– so that I can tell when someone is sending a Tweet my way and I can respond or so that I can see when someone ReTweets a post of mine
  • Close Friends– One of the great features on TweetDeck is that you can create Groups amongst those you follow. In my case, here I’ve created one that I call “Close Friends” which is comprised of those I physically know in real life (you know those people known as family, co-workers, and real friends not just those in the virtual space…those are not real friends…I’m sorry they just aren’t)
  • Manifest Digital– Another thing you can do is keep tabs on any search term you choose. In this case I want to keep an eye on what people might be saying about the company I work at, Manifest. Not a whole lot going on right now on Twitter but during SXSW & PhizzPop there was quite a buzz! This feature as you can imagine is a great way to toe-dip into monitoring what’s being said about your brand.

And that’s just how I have 4 columns set up. There are actually many more that you can’t see & I actually can’t show you because they are client related. BUT check it out for yourself and let me know how you decide to use it.

My only beef with TweetDeck is that it does not allow for multiple accounts (yet). I’d be ever so greatful if in future releases there was a tab-like feature that allowed me to manage my personal account as well as the Manifest account and any of the other accounts I may happen to manage.  hint-hint TweetDeck 😉

Tweetie- I honestly haven’t tried this one yet but I hear it’s great.

I plan on continuing this post as I come across more clients. If there’s another one you’d like to recomend please leave me a comment below.


2 responses to “Review: A Look at Twitter Clients

  1. I tried tweet deck but never really got hooked. I’m gonna try it again, I just don’t think I gave it a proper chance. My fave twitter apps are Tiny Twitter for Blackberry and Hootsuite. But like you said there are new ones everyday so it’s hard to know which ones are best, thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I forgot about Hootsuite, I’ll have to add that to the list as well as a more proper review of Tweetie. Do you know if there a non-Crackberry (;)) version of Tiny Twitter?

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