My Addiction to the Vampires Live iPhone App

Vampires Live Splash Screen

Vampires Live Splash Screen

So I’m on vacation this week for a little R&R after running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday October 11 and I’ve been fixing things up around the house, hanging with my parents, stayed out until 5am on a school night (my poor friend Brian) and of course I’ve been looking for new iPhone Apps to download and tell you about.

Well there are several I’ve found but the one I’ve become completely addicted to is called Vampires Live by Storm8. It’s a role playing type of game that takes me back to my childhood playing Sid Meyer games on my PC for countless hours (Anyone remember Covert Action?). Basically it’s a MMORPG where you have mission to complete, skills to hone, and clans to amass! It’s a completely free game and there’s so much more I could write about it but just wrinting this makes me want to go play it 🙂

If you do happen to get this app, join my clan using the code: GG85XP


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