Life Online < Life at Large

I suppose it’s a minor thing really. And something that I just can’t seem to sit with for any length of time. Perhaps you’ve noticed it, perhaps not…but I just can’t for the life of me settle on a damn site style or name for this blog!

For now though let’s go with “Life at Large” shall we? Life Online or Keepin’ It Real never really sat well with me. Even though I am a big fan of keepin’ it real as opposed to the normal BS you usually see or hear, I never could get over the permeating layer of cheese the phrase seems to conjure. Originally, I had hopes of spinning “keepin’ it real” throughout the thread of posts to carry out the theme but my topics vary as much as my interests.

SO this brings me to “Life at Large”. Let’s see how this fits for a bit shall we?

If there’s something you think would fit well, feel free to share in the comments. Write ya soon!


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