Brands Interact with Eachother on Twitter Too

Did you see that? Did you catch what just happened on Twitter? Unless you were glued in front of you computer tonight like I’ve been (and I REALLY hope you weren’t and instead perhaps were enjoying dinner with a loved one) you missed 2 major brands interact with each other. What 2 brands? Ford and Best Buy.

Twitter exchange seen via TweetDeck

Twitter exchange seen via TweetDeck

Now as we all know, brands actually consist of groups of people but the Twitter representations are even more tangible. In the above exchange Ford’s @ScottMonty reaches out to his Twitter community for help on his personal computer. In 10 seconds flat BestBuy’s @Twelpforce swoops in to help! If you ask me that’s one awesome social engagement and customer service, brand sandwich!

I have to add however, that the Twitter name of “@agent3012” takes quite a bit of humanism out of the exchange, but I can understand the reason behind the convention with that many users on one account.


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