The Fall Crawl-Halloween Style in Chicago


Details are finally HERE!!! Every year my co-workers at Manifest Digital and I throw a fall pub crawl; Hope you’ve got you’re costumes ready kidz, this year we’re crawlin’ in style…Halloween-style! This year we will start in the Southport and Belmont area and head North.

We’ll start at Schoolyard FRIDAY 10/30 (TODAY) from 6-7:15pm to give everyone enough time to go home and change into costume if needed and/or to just have enough time to head over there. PLUS there’s pretty good food there; a perfect way to start a crawl 😉

Full schedule is below but we’ll spend about 45 minutes at each bar after Schoolyard.

Costumes are encouraged but not required. All are welcome; let’s pack these places 🙂

All Bars are on Southport…cross streets listed and then our expected arrival.
Schoolyard at School 6:00
Southport Lanes at Henderson 7:15
Justin’s at Roscoe 8:00
Mystic Celt at Newport 8:45
Lange’s Lounge at Cornelia 9:30
Messners at Addison 10:15
Hye Bar at Waveland 11:00
Cullen’s at Grace 11:45
Toons at Byron 12:30

Tweet me if you can come out @cmortensen

(No promises that I’ll be checking Twitter during this though 😉 Although I shall of course do my best)


Last year we had each bartender sign our "Fear the Beer" shirts from our office volleyball team. Can't wait to see what we come up with this year!


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