A Brief Look at What Not to App: Chase Blueprint

Chase Blueprint: A good example of how NOT to use a Facebook App. Chase had a good idea in trying to leverage existing assets (i.e., video, banner ad integration, a microsite, etc.) but the execution falls WAY short when they let the design and messaging become cluttered and pop-ups (iFrames) don’t load properly. I have to ask, was Facebook a good choice for this campaign? It probably was, but this serves as a good example of why you need to tailor your experiences to both your audience and the channel(s) you choose to communicate through.

You can’t just take all of your content and throw it together like it’s a salad. To continue the food metaphor, your social marketing should be more of a well planned and organized buffet. You choose what to serve and where based on what your guests might like; they decide what to put on their plate.

Check out the Chase Blueprint Facebook Fan Page for yourselves and let me know what you think.


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