Facebook Strategy: To Fan Page or to Profile?

During the day working at Manifest Digital, I am the happy victim of quite a few “drive by’s”. Last week I got a chance to help out one of our Ux Evangelists, Jason Ulaszek answer a really good question in regards to a current project he’s on.

Should we create a Fan Page or a Profile?

  • Creating a Fan Page is a best practice as users will look for that first over a regular profile page
  • A Fan page adds credibility behind the brand, it appears more official/professional (credible)
  • Fan pages provide valuable reporting features or “insights” such as fan count, the number of interactions on your page each week, the demographics of your fans and more
  • Fans can easily interact with each other via wall posts, discussion boards, etc.
  • Fan pages provide an opportunity to create custom applications hosted on your fan page that visitors can interact with. This also creates an additional visiting attraction to the Fan page.
  • Having a fan page allows you to send messages to your entire FB fan base at one time
  • You can leverage your own personal profile page by sharing posts from the fan page (via the “share” button)
  • A Fan Page allows you to create the Fan Page box/widget for your site, that promotes all of the fan activity on the fan page itself (an example of what this looks like)

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