Operation: Manifest Blanket Donation

What do you get when you put together 1 holiday season, 2 SUVs, 4 volunteers, and 180 blankets? If you guessed a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, you’re oh so close! Aside from that you also get Operation: Manifest Blanket Donation. What’s that you ask? It was a whirl wind of a day where myself and 3 other Manifest employees volunteered time out of their busy busy day to trek to a Chicago-area Walmart, purchase, and jam pack 2 cars with box upon box of soft micro-fleece blankets. And when I say jam-packed I’m not exaggerating; take a look yourself…we thought we were going to have to call for reinforcements. In fact, we actually did until we found a few extra crevices for every last blanket (including Liz and Chris’ laps). Why 180 blankets? For the holiday season Manifest donated one blanket on behalf of each of our clients. Great job clients!

Car #1- Ryan Nicholson ponders where on Earth the last boxes will fit

Car#2- Christine Mortensen (me) finds the last nook and cranny

All of this was a coordinated effort on behalf of the organization Ten Thousand Blankets founded by Jeff Leitner for Blanket Week, a crazy ambitious, campaign to collect and donate new blankets to those that need them.

But our Operation didn’t end there. From the store we caravaned to our final destination, The Pacific Garden Mission on the Near south side of Chicago. Since 1877, Pacific Garden Mission has been a refuge for those in the area seeking food, shelter, clothing, medical, and dental care. It’s a great and facility and we’re proud to have done something positive for this community.

You can make a donation to Ten Thousand Blankets as well! Next Week in fact is Blanket Week where they’re looking to donate as many blankets as possible between Monday, March 15 and Sunday March 21, 2010. So you can have that warm and fuzzy feeling too.

To see all of our photos check out the Manifest Facebook Fan Page.

Liz Metz is an excellent blanket holder!

Chris and Myself unloading at The Pacific Garden Mission

Chris and Myself unloading at The Pacific Garden Mission


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