Facebook Tip: Hide what annoys you

You: I’m SO sick of seeing posts in my Facebook wall feed from CitySocial this and FarmWorld that.

Me: Yeah, I know…sorry about that but they’re really fun games. Have you…[gets interrupted]

You: NO! Do I look like I have time to play stupid games?

Me: Well you are on Facebook…

I may like to indulge in a little Farmvillle and CafeWorld occasionally but that doesn’t mean that you want to see that I’ve just baked a scrumptious yet imaginary soufflé that is now making you want to run to see if you have ice cream in the freezer.

Well, suffer no more! You can hide updates from applications like Farmville and Caféworld from showing up in your feed by clicking the hide drop down option to the right of the post. You can then either hide that person (Boo!) or the application (Yay!).

Sanity restored.


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