Fitness Challenge: Update Week 1

So now that it’s been an official week since the start of the Xsport 2010 Fitness Challenge and I have to say that it feels great to be this active again. I’m constantly tired but it’s not the kind of uhg-I-don’t-want-to-even-want-to-think tired I’m used to. Instead it’s a wow-i-feel-great-but-can’t-physically-exert-myself-anymore-where’s-my-laptop kind of tired.

I was overloaded at the office at the beginning of the week so I really couldn’t start out doing much more than being extra mindful of what I was eating. I think I did pretty well…

Personal Training session with Ian (1hr)

Rode my bike to work (10.3 miles one way, took the L home)

Ran 8 miles by the lake (hot and humid!)
Circuit training at the gym (1 hr.)

Played volleybal on/off from 9am-4pm (3 hours of solid play)

Ran 5k on treadmill
Circuit training at the gym (30 min)

Sweet! That’s 5 days straight of working out. Here’s hoping that I can ride my bike tomorrow at least one direction. The rain may have other plans.

Below is the spreadsheet I started so that I can better keep track of my progress. At first, I wasn’t going to publish this because I didn’t want you to know my weight but screw it…I’m not planning on being this weight much longer so what does it matter ? :0)

As you can see, I believe that I’m at 3 points already! I wonder what the average is/should be per week? Also, now that I’m looking at this as a spreadsheet the 12 weeks doesn’t seem quite as long as they did before. It’ll be here before we know it so I better get back to work!

If you have any advice or thoughts, I’m all ears! If/when I win, Fogo de Chao is going to be my first stop for celebration!

progress spreadsheet

So far so good? I think so.


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