Article Research: Social Listening & Engagement Tools

Dear Friends,

Since November of ’09 I have been on the look out for social listening and engagement platforms (or tools/data gatherers/workflow managers, etc.) in order to create a comprehensive article comparing them to each other. Below is the list of tools I’ve either used extensively, used briefly, or am planning to try out in the very near future so that I keep abreast on the latest features available, make sound recommendations to clients, and perhaps most importantly make sure I’m getting the most holistic view of relevant customer data/conversations in order to make those sound recommendations.

If there is something you’ve seen or used that you think I should cover please leave a comment below and I’ll likely add it to the list.

If you notice however, I’ve shied away from channel-specific tools such as Klout, Google Analytics and the like (for now at least). While these are great tools that I personally use all of the time, right now I’m looking at more robust and cross-channel reporting tools.

Many thanks!
❤ Mort

  • Radian 6- currently the most versed in and using for our client base
  • Techrigy SM2 (Alterian)
  • Objective Marketer
  • Scout Labs
  • Trendrr
  • Neilsen Buzz Gain
  • Buzz Metrics
  • Bizz 360Attensity
  • Viral Heat
  • General Sentiment
  • Social Mention- also using to round out research
  • OpenMic by Overtone
  • Social Insight by Crowd Factory
  • PostRank
  • Social Radar
  • Visible Technologies-  truCast
  • Factiva?
  • Critical Mention
  • Hootsuite?
  • Clear Force?
  • Swix- also using to round out research


  • Gigya
  • Jive
  • Igloo-Online Communities

2 responses to “Article Research: Social Listening & Engagement Tools

  1. You may also want to take a look at Sysomos’ products. We have two tools to help in the social media monitoring space. Heartbeat is used for monitoring and engagement, while MAP is our tool used for analytics and reporting. You can view each of these at
    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us through the site.


    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

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