Vote for Vodori as a 2010 Chicago Innovator

First things first…VOTE FOR US! Why? Glad you asked!

Vodori has been selected as one of 75 top finalists in the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards and with your help we could win the People’s Choice award.

You have until October 14th to vote, but why wait? Please do it now.

Past winners include:

  • Groupon-Collective Buying Power
  • Abbott Laboratories-Similac® SimplePac™
  • comScore-Ad Effx Suite
  • The Art Institute of Chicago-The Modern Wing

(and Vodori and Pepper could be on this distinguished list with your help!)

How YOU can help even more…
Not only do we need your vote, we need your friends’ and their friends’ votes too! We’ve already done the work for you and drafted something you can easily pass along. Please send the following to all your nearest and dearest.  Remember the deadline of October 14th when sending out the e-mail.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My [son’s/daughter’s/husband’s/wife’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/you get the picture] company (Vodori, Inc.) has been selected as one of the top 75 finalists for the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards.  They need our votes to be selected for the People’s Choice Award. It takes a few seconds of your time to register and vote for the company’s product, Pepper.  Please help them out and do it now!

What’s Pepper?

More than a tasty fruit, my friend! Pepper is an enterprise-level web content management solution that helps you create and publish your web content quickly and easily, without having to call the IT Help Desk to request a change. And not just for your company’s U.S. web content, your company’s entire global web presence can be smoothly handled by our intuitive, user-friendly CMS: Pepper.

Learn more about Pepper’s features, and see Pepper in action in our screencasts. You can read more about the latest and greatest features posted to our blog, such as Copying and Pasting entire webpages, and an enhanced navigation manager.

Want to learn more about the Chicago Innovation Awards and what winning can do for Vodori? Check out the Chicago Innovation site.

Love Vodori and Pepper so much that you want to pass this on? Please send this to anyone you think would help Vodori win. And if you’ve got something to say, don’t forget to leave a comment on the voting page!

Thank you!

Spread the word…
Tweet about this


Thank you in advance for your help,
Everyone at Vodori


We’re always cooking up something…


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