Weight Loss Challenge: What I’m Doing Wrong

So I think I finally figured it out. I think I know why I’m not seeing any results from ALL of the working out I’ve been doing the past month. It’s something SO simple, something that we ALL know but we fail to ignore until the evidence is right there in front of your eyes (almost mocking you).

I consume too much fat and too much sugar. See? I told you it was simple and something so…so…DUH! Here I’ve been playing volleyball 3 times a week, doing yoga once a week, lifting weights at home, I’ve gotten back into running, and I’m still hovering around the same weight? How is that possible? I should be a slender 125lbs gal with all of this Sporty-Morty action going on! But I’ve been sabotaging myself with what I’ve been eating.

How do I know this? I’ve been tracking what I eat and the activities I do using the MyPlate website and app (for BlackBerry & iPhone/iPad) on Livestrong.com. Here, I’m able to not only track my intake and what I burn but I can also get detailed charts and graphs of my intake over time. That last part is the key that tipped me off. I’ve been hitting my caloric marks (with flying colors I might add) but too many of those calories are from fat and sugar.

Daily and Monthly Intake values

Daily and Monthly Intake values

Recommended Fat Intake vs. Actual Intake

Recommended Fat Intake vs. Actual Intake over 10 days

Recommended Sugar Intake vs. Actual Intake over 10 days

Recommended Sugar Intake vs. Actual Intake over 10 days

In the chart above, as you can see from the absence of a blue line, it’s recommended that you have ZERO sugar. That’s most likely unrealistic given natural sugar sources from fruit for example, but with the amount of coffee I drink I know I can cut down quite a bit. I should probably also note that the places where I have a little to no data in both charts above means I either didn’t track my intake for part or that entire day.

So what am I going to do about this?

  1. Cut out as much coffee (with the cream & the sugar) as I can, instead enjoying Green Tea which I can tolerate and actually enjoy without any sugar at all.
  2. I should not consume nearly as much meat as I do. This mostly comes in the form of red meat, carnivore that I am, which doesn’t help matters any.
  3. Include more vegetables in my diet…preferably of the fresh and raw/lightly cooked variety. Eat your veggies just like momma said!

In the coming weeks it’ll be interesting to see if I can adhere to the above 3 tasks and moreover see what kind of affect these changes have on my results!

[Fingers crossed]


3 responses to “Weight Loss Challenge: What I’m Doing Wrong

  1. thanks for posting what site you use to track your food intake. i’ve been getting into a new workout program recently, but the hardest thing for me is eating. i have great desires to eat healthy, balanced, meals, but i struggle because i’ve never eaten healthy before, so i don’t know what foods are, and i don’t know how to track things. i’m going to check that website out. hopefully it helps me! thank you!!!

  2. You’re not eating enough! Especially given how active you are, you need at least double the amount of calories you’re currently eating. You’re right about cutting out artificial sugars – but really, just eat MORE real food – veggies, lean protein, whole grains – and your body will thank you. I went through the same thing – working out 5 days a week with no results, but I was only eating about 1100 calories a day. When I bumped it up to about 1700 or so I finally started to lose weight. When your body isn’t getting enough calories, it thinks it may be starting, so it holds on to everything it can. But when you properly fuel your body, it becomes more efficient and the excess weight falls off.

    I used LiveStrong/MyPlate too. Set your goal realistically – a pound a week is nice, steady progress – and eat as many calories as it tells you for your activity level. The more active you are, the more you really do need to eat. As long as those calories are high quality food – not junk food or overly sugary, processed food – your body will burn them efficiently. http://www.active.com/nutrition/Articles/Eat-More-to-Lose-Weight.htm

    Good luck!

  3. elginista & Erika- Thank you both for taking the time to leave comments, much appreciated!

    elginista – I NEVER thought I’d ever hear that I’m actually not eating enough 😉 I’ve heard about your body going into starvation mode like you mention but when I’m hungry I eat. I’m not purposely not taking in enough calories. Right now I have my Livestrong goal set to loose 2 pounds per week. I think I’m going to try to cut back on the sugar & fat first for a little bit to see if that shows any results and if not I’ll try actually eating more…which I will definitely be looking forward to 😉

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