So long— North Beach Bar Closes

Well with the building up for sale for the past few years we knew this day was coming at some point. North Beach Bar is officially no longer hosting indoor sand volleyball leagues. I just hoped that it’d many many more years from now.

A new season was set to start this week but instead, participants received the following email:

Dear Sand Volleyball Particpants,
For the past eight years the Chicago Sport and Social Club has operated indoor sand volleyball leagues for tens-of-thousands of participants. We take great pride in providing quality leagues at over 60 facilities throughout the city with minimal disruptions or cancellations.
Unfortunately, this past Friday, we received notice from the landlord that we will no longer be able to play at our indoor sand facility – effective immediately. There are existing issues between the building owner and the City of Chicago and they came to an agreement that the building would be unoccupied for the foreseeable future. We understand the inconvenience this causes for the teams that were scheduled to play sand volleyball this season and how disappointing this news is. Trust me when I tell you it pains us to have to send this notice out and to let down so many of our loyal participants. We are truly sorry.
We are aggressively working to try and find a short term and long term location to be able to continue this very popular league and will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, this Wednesday we will be crediting you back the full amount you paid for this season to the method of payment you used when registering. We are waiting until Wednesday to refund everyone to accommodate those teams that might want to switch to another league.
We do have limited space available at some of our hard court volleyball facilities starting over the next couple weeks and are trying to identify additional locations. Please let us know if you are open to playing on a hard court service.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to have some good news for you shortly.

Jason Erkes, President
Chicago Sport and Social Club



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