A Little Research for Tough Mudder 2011 in Wisconsin

Tough Mudder 2011— Devil’s Head, WI.

What better way to spend a cold and rainy Sunday than to do a little research for the most ridiculous event you’ve ever signed up for in your life? This 10 mile obstacle course is no doubt going to be intense with it’s 19 gloriously muddy challenges sprinkled throughout the Devil’s Head ski resort.

Although it’s months away yet I need to start training now because this course is not for the weak of heart or faint of spirit and I need to be ready! Our team, “Horse Pony, Don’t Die!” officially has 18 weeks to prepare and I’m contemplating a few different options to help me stick to a plan:

  1. I’m currently training for the Colfax Half Marathon in Colorado which is May 15th. This has been great for getting me off my duff and back into the swing of exercising much more regularly.
  2. With about 4 months to train for TM2011 I’ve been thinking about doing P90x but an hour a day is a little more intense than I think I’ll actually be able to commit to. I may try this anyways since even partially following it certainly isn’t going to hurt.
  3. Another option is signing back up for personal training sessions at my gym. When I was consistently going twice a week while marathon training in 2007 I was probably the most fit I’d ever been. I certainly wasn’t the leanest but I was definitely the strongest and most athletically balanced I’d ever been. I’m thinking of not going this route mostly because it’s expensive and I hated getting up at 5am two or more times each week. Regarding the latter…I’ll likely have to just suck it up no matter how I decide to train.
  4. Strength train on my own using the Fit Builder app on my iPhone. I love this app but will admit that I rarely use. It may just be time to dust this puppy off!

No matter which of these options I go with I think I’ll be fine as long as I stick with it. For each, I’ll need to keep up with running three times a week of course and especially sprinkle in some intense incline running a treadmill or somehow find a hill to run up and down in vastly flat Chicago. In preparation for that I need to find out the grade of the aptly named second obstacle, “Death March”. I nabbed the actual ski trail map and overlayed it on the full Though Mudder map. Looks like the death march is on a green hill (in Europe this would be a red slope).

Tough Mudder Map with Devil's Mountain Overlay

Tough Mudder Map with Devil's Mountain Overlay

A red slope is “an intermediate slope. Steeper, or narrower than a blue slope, these are usually groomed, unless the narrowness of the trail prohibits it. The slope gradient shall not exceed 40% except for short wide sections with a higher gradient.”

How much is a grade of 40%? A grade of 100 means the angle of incline is 45 degrees

What incline setting do I need to set on my treadmill? The bad news is that “A treadmill may have 10 settings, but that does not mean that each one corresponds to a 10 percent grade of incline.” So I still really have no idea. But no matter, I’m a fan of hills this one will just be reallllllllly long 😉

Are you training for ToughMudder? How are you training for it?


5 responses to “A Little Research for Tough Mudder 2011 in Wisconsin

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  3. looking to join a tough mudder team for July. Do you have a team and are you looking for more members?

    • Hi Bill, we do actually have a team put together already for Sunday. If you’re racing that day though you’re more than welcome to join in on the fun!

      • Christine,
        Training for Tough Mudder, what’s your team name for Sunday if you want a solid member to help us all finish.

        Please reply to personal email: tgaml@aol.com


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