Morty’s Social Media Moment: Twitter @Replies

Here’s a quick Twitter tip…

If you tweet something that starts with an “@” symbol, only those who are following you as well as the person you mentioned will actually see the tweet. To ensure your tweet is seen by all of your followers, add any character directly in front of the Twitter handle (i.e., period, dash, asterisk, etc.).

For example, if Nathan (@nathankurtyka) were to tweet something to me and wanted all of his followers to also see it he should type:

.@cmortensen Hey, nice haircut!


@cmortensen Hey, nice haircut!

If he did the latter, only those following Nathan AND myself would see his lovely compliment.*

Note that in many applications, the above practice will break the conversation thread which is why the best practice is to rewrite the tweet so it is not formatted as a reply.

More on @Replies and mentions can be found in the Twitter help center.

Happy Tweeting!

*I did not get a haircut, but I do need one 🙂


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