A Christmas Wish

So here we are, in the last week of 2011. What does that mean?

It’s a normal practice to reflect on the past year and evaluate what we have or have not done. For those things we have accomplished, we are grateful. For those we have not, we make resolutions to do so in the coming year.

But why should we wait that long?

I won’t go into the details of the hardships I’ve faced this year because, well, we each have our own.

What I will say is that with each of those perceived hardships, we each have an opportunity to make the best of what we face. What we choose to do with those opportunities are our up to us.

Vodori is no different. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy a tremendous growth spurt despite the economy’s overall adversity. We have remained optimistic about not only our future, but our clients’ futures as well. We see great things in store for 2012 (no matter what the Mayans may predict).

My point is that when you surround yourself with great people, nothing but greatness can be expected. This is my wish for the coming year: that those around us continue to do the great work they have proven capable of, and to exceed beyond those boundaries. And that everyone facing steeper challenges finds a way to push through in spite of them.

I am thankful beyond words for those I have around me, both professionally and personally. You are each an inspiration and a driving force for me everyday. For that, I thank you. And for that, I wish you all a mighty year ahead.


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