Hundred Day Challenge- Day 2

Day #2 – run & strength @ golf mill Xsport

Run: 2.85 mi 00:31 pace- 10:58

Think I’m finally going to try this 100 day challenge. I have serious doubts that I’ll keep it up for the full 100 days but if I do and watch what I eat I should be in good shape come beach vball season 🙂

Today I ran on the treadmill again and it was surprisingly harder than yesterday! Although I didn’t walk at all today, I didn’t sprint either so I’m just going to blame the remnants of this stupid cold 🙂 I also have NOT been running for at about maybe a month (save an 8 miler a few weeks back and that was one of my worst runs).

After my 30 minute run, Lloyd had more to run still so I went up to the ladies weight machine area and did some lighter strength workouts. After the run my knee was really bothering me which is quite new so I think tomorrow will be a harder strength day just to give my knee a little break.

We’ll see how this hundred day journey goes! Guess I have have nothing to loose but weight 😀

Total workout was about an hour including cool down & stretching.


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