Mobile Matters: We’re addicted to email

New Mobile Data

According to new data from Good Technology, nearly 60% of American’s surveyed check their email for the first time via mobile phone before 7AM (59.7%). On top of that, of the same people surveyed, 56% check their email for the last time after 9PM.

The first and last time we check our email

The first and last time we check our email

Are we addicted to email?

This survey, seems to indicate that we are. From my own experience, I can say that on most days, even before I’m out of bed I’ve already checked all of my email accounts, Facebook, and Twitter, respectively.

What can we infer?

While we can hardly presume the above is the norm, I do think that we can make the following general inferences:

  • If most people are checking their email before 7AM, you will want to schedule your email campaigns well ahead of this.
  • Since social channels are easily consumed via mobile, experiment with scheduling social content in the wee hours. Be sure to track the results of your experiments so that you can adjust timing as needed. There are several tools available specifically for the best times to tweet by seeing when your followers are most active. Social Bro, Tweriod, and  When To Tweet.
  • Likewise, to really know when your email campaigns will be most effective (i.e., have a high click-through rate) testing and experimentation is needed. Even a well-crafted user survey could yield insightful data for your business.
  • We need to disconnect more often and go play outside!

What do you think about these findings? Let me know in the comments below.

Read the original article “We’re Checking Our Phones All The Time”


3 responses to “Mobile Matters: We’re addicted to email

  1. Great post. I don’t think we’re addicted to email per-se but rather this form of communication. Put another way, if (when?) something replaces email as the dominant form of e-communicating we’ll still do the same thing at the beginning and end of each day.

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